Shadowboxer and Polaroid 85 Sessions

This is post is a bit of a treat for alternative music fans, and people who enjoy this whole session video thing we seem to be so obsessive about shoving down your throat.

First up we have the video Shadowboxer released just prior to Christmas, a cover of the rather wonderful Scott Matthews track ‘Elusive’. Rather wonderful sums up the video pretty well. It looks amazing, it sounds great and there’s a fair number of those 1,450 views are probably mine as the reply value of the track, and the video, is amazing.

The second video is from Polaroid 85, the orchestral electronica act that we reviewed not so long ago. It’s a great track from their ‘Fuzzy Mornings EP’, shot in a pretty interesting way. The video footage moves from stage to stage with the dynamics of the song. Interestingly for the whole live session video thing, there’s very little of the band’s actual performance within the film and instead a lot of focus is on the band’s set up and sound check. But like I say, the visual movement within the piece entirely compliments the dynamics of the song it sets the video apart from the average band performance.

I know pretty awesome right? Please go and support both Shadowboxer and Polaroid by checking them out at their respective bandcamp pages. Links found below.

Shadowboxer bandcamp

Polaroid 85 bandcamp