*Ancients ‘Star Showers On The Euphrates’

Ancients ‘Star Showers On The Euphrates’ (Shelsmusic 2012)

 Ancients are: Matthew Holden,Daniel Hoang, David Gumbleton, Mehdi Safa

Produced by Jonny Renshaw @Bandit Studios

Mixed and masted by Mehdi Safa @ Shelsmusic

Sound wise this might not be the most left field move given the pedigree of the members involved. Which you could say makes it some what predictable. And by that I mean, predictably AWESOME.

Featuring past and current members of various luminaries of the UK’s post-hardcore/post-rock/post-metal scene, it’s no surprise that *Ancients incorporate aspects of their previous bands very obviously into the sound of this debut EP. That said, this record is much less heavy in the instrumental sense than any of the previous projects of the members. It explores the more ethereal side of  the post-genres. In fact, the easiest way to sum up the sound of this release would be to imagine the sound of the title of the record. It’s that good.

As anyone who visits this site with any kind of regularity knows, I’m a sucker for the whole quiet-loud thing. It’s not ground breaking. But it is awesome. Kinda like sex. It’s not a new idea but there’s a reason we’ve never let it go. Or at least tried not to. Anyway, my point is that this is record is a collection of incredibly textured musical compositions that move from melancholic beauty to equally triumphant and heart breaking crescendos.

Crescendos which are aided by the fantastic production job. The modern sheen to the record is obvious but there’s still enough analogue grit kicking about to give the band a real old school sense of ‘vibe’ throughout. Which is great because while I do love me a stellar production job, the digital age has made so many artists sound faceless. In particular when it comes to the bands with the post-rock influences on their sleeves. That *Ancients are able to stand out from the crowd, while not being utterly left field or mind bending says something for both the quality of song writing and the quality of the musicians themselves.

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‘Star Showers on The Euphrates’ is available now via the Shelsmusic Bandcamp page. Click here to buy the EP.



Ancients release teaser track for upcoming EP


Happy days for those enthusiasts for all things ambient and post do far as music goes.

Ancients, the band composed of members of seminal bands such as *shels, Rinoa, Crydebris and Mahumodo have released a teaser track on YouTube, entitled ‘Satellites’, from their upcoming debut EP.

If you were a fan of their first single ‘Constellations’ then you’re going to be just as much of a fan of this.

Also don’t forget *shels are touring the UK this summer. Check out Shelsmusic.com for more information on Ancients, *Shels and a whole host of other amazing artists.

Check out the track by clicking here.
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