Glass Cloud ‘The Royal Thousand’

Glass Cloud ‘The Royal Thousand’ (Basick Records 2012)

1. White Flag 2. If He Dies, He Dies 3. Falling In Style

4. Ivy and Wine 5. Prelude for a Ghost 6. All Along

7. She Is Well And Nothing Cane Be Ill

8. Counting Sheep 9. Memorandum 10. From May To Now

Produced, mixed & mastered by Johsua Travis

Jerry Roush – Vocals, Joshua Travis- Guitar,

Travis Sykes – Bass,┬áChad Hasty – Drums

I have to say, going into this album, I had pretty high expectations, mainly down to the fact that I am a big fan of Jerry Roush. He’s far from the greatest vocalist in the world, but his energy and ability to hook the listener in with his aggressive screams and spine-tingling, gritty melodies, especially with his stint in ever popular metalcore band, Sky Eats Airplane, had my attention from the first day I heard him. He is joined by guitarist, Josh Travis of extreme metal act, The Tony Danza Tapdance Experience, and Chad Hasty and Travis Sykes (of little known progressive band, The Escapist, who have been on hiatus for almost 3 years).

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Zelliack ‘Noir Tone’

Zelliack 'Noir Tone'

Produced, mixed & mastered by Zack Ordway

1. Autmn in Analogue, 2. Hargroove 3.Without A Doubt

4. These Hands 5. Call me Old Fashioned

Zack Ordway – Instrumentation, Elliot Coleman – Vocals

Before I get started here on my first review, I’m not going to pretend I am an expert critic, but then again, who is? I’m not one for using big, eloquent words (see what I did there?). When it comes down to it, all reviewers have their own personal tastes and their views can be somewhat biased. I can’t say this will be any different, as I will be reviewing the debut EP from R’n’B rockers, Zelliack, entitled “Noir Tone”.

Formed by former Sky Eats Airplane members, Zack Ordway (lead guitarist) and Elliot Coleman (lead vocalist of the MIGHTY TesseracT), two men who shouldn’t have too much trouble with the ladies (I’m a straight man, but even I have to admit, they are handsome fellas) ( I also admit this. Also Coup is handsome as fuck in all. Just saying-ED). If I was to guess, something has gone terribly wrong in their sex lives (possibly a loss of mo-jo?) that they’ve had to come up with something to lure the ladies back in. Well, this 5-track effort should do the trick!

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