Review: Co-Exist ‘Skelf’

Co-Exist 'Skelf' (Self-release 2013)

Co-Exist ‘Skelf’ (Self-release 2013)

Co-Exist are stalwarts of the Glasgow extreme music scene by this point. Or arguably just worts. Your call. Skelf is business as usual. But business is going pretty well for them in that case. 

‘Skelf’ doesn’t let up for a second. It’s either full on blasting and barking fury or monolithic, straight ahead and crushing. I’m inclined to say that its’ actually during those more paced moments that the band really show their worth as opposed to the moments of full throttle assault but there’s no denying how impressive the band sound at full tilt, even if its arguably not as satisfying to listen to. The fact that the EP has a great production certainly lends the songs an additional sense of weight. Co-Exist manage to fall the right side of organic on this release which sets them apart, too often bullet precise extreme metal releases end up losing their sense of intensity through over production and insistently clicky kick drums. It’ short running time also does it favors as it makes the whole seem like an intense and exhilarating ride, although in truth, the introductory samples to each track related to killing and what are tiresome at best.

It’s not an EP to win over new fans to metal this extreme. It’s Co-Exist doing what Co-Exist do and doing it well and sounding great while they do it. There’s a whole world of bands, particularly in extreme metal, who could learn a whole lot from that approach. 

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