We ‘With The Stars As An Audience’

We ‘With The Stars As An Audience’ (Self-release 2011)
Photography – Amy Muir, Design – Alex Pryle

Pedram – Guitar, Gregor – Bass, Tyrone – Guitar , Robert – Drums

Man I just really like this album. That’s about all there is to it. And there’s no need to justify it.

Well I guess there is otherwise this whole review would be kind of pointless. Well here’s why I like it. Firstly it sounds great. The production is really warm, the sense of melancholy within the performances as opposed to the actual music speaks to me and as a whole the album flows really well. There’s maybe the odd wee bump on the windy post-rock road but for the most part it’s an effortless journey. Though sometimes, I wish the heavier sections knocked me off my feet just a tad more. But that’s a minor niggle and just an insight into my sadomasochistic nature.

Secondly, somehow We avoid the trap of being boring which is the number one pitfall of all instrumental bands to the average listener, and in particular to the post-rock bands. I can get why they themselves got all transcendental about playing the same part in a gradual build for 8 minutes to a tinny distorted climax BUT for those of us standing on the floor with drinks in hand or lying still listening that isn’t always as satisfying. Which is as much our fault as it is anyone elses. Modern attention spans are laughably small. Quite how We avoid this trap I don’t know. I think its something to do with the melodies themselves. They all just sound great. That and the occasional near avant-garde and ambient breaks cause just enough of a distraction to make the return of any parts all the more impactful. That and they band have an unusual penchant for slow and sensual shuffling grooves that most post-rock bands tend to lack. You could have a nice wee private dance or a slow fuck to this album.

AND you wouldn’t need a second-hand cardigan or big glasses to justify it either because it is accessible.  (Take that post-rock hispters! Disclaimer: Ladies I think the big glasses are a winner. But please lose the cardigans. )

And you know what? That’s it. I like this album for those two reasons. It sounds great and its great to listen to. So in reality, what more do you really want from a record?

Other than maybe a free toy. That’d be sweet.


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