Baroness ‘Yellow & Green’

Baroness ‘Yellow & Green’ (Relapse 2012)


1. Yellow Theme 2. Take My Bones Away  3.March to the Sea 4. Little Things 

5. Twinkler 6. Cocanium 7. Back Where I Belong 8. Sea Lungs 9. Eula 


1. Green Theme 2. Board Up The House 3. Mtns ( The Crown and The Anchor) 4. Foolsong

5.Collapse 6. Psalms Alive 7. Stretch Marker  8. The Line Between 9. If I Forget Thee, Lowcountry 

Allen Blickle – Drums

John Baizley – Guitar, vocals

Peter Adams – Guitar, vocals

Accessibility was always the secret weapon of Baroness. Beneath the heaving guitars and monstrous grooves there was a knack for writing songs in the traditional sense of the word. On ‘Yellow & Green’ the band have developed this characteristic even more. From the early days of Mastodon analogies the likes of Queens of the Stoneage, Thin Lizzy and occasionally Pink Floyd spring more to mind more these days.  That’s not to say that this isn’t the band you fell in love with. The dirty guitars and pounding grooves are still present, but they’re tempered by a sense of pop dynamics and engaging vocal melodies. The vocal interplay on ‘Twinkler’ for example is more beautiful and intricate than I ever really expected from Baroness, whose approach to vocals before resembled more of a percussive than melodic instrument.

Unusually for such a song focused collection the whole things flows rather well, each song shifting seamlessly into the next and the stops the double disc collection from feeling drawn out, which is nearly universally the downfall of every double album. Two discs usually warrant one disc overall of great material and then what amounts to another disc of filler. While these 18 tracks fare better than most in this stake, it’s not to say every track is a classic. A few blend together and disappear. On the other hand, maybe some of that is simply to do with them being wedged in alongside tracks as strong as ‘Take My Bones Away’ and ‘Cocanium’. It does have to be said, those tracks that do pass by unnoticed tend to be the more melodic material, the band still sounding at their best on the dirty grooves of ‘Board Up The House’ proving that sometimes it’s best to stick to what you know best.

If Baroness are destined to produce an album that propels them from the ranks of underground heroes to become the kind of cult success that Clutch have become then this is certainly that album. So long as the fans are willing to give the change a chance that is.

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