Profane posthumous download of Maida Vale session and demos


More awesome UK underground stuff today. Profane were a wonderful progressive metal influenced band, who unfortunately are no more. I say unfortunately, that’s an understatement, at the time it broke my heart. I fell in love with their debut LP ‘The Day We Scorched the Sky’ and when it got to the stage of their live session at Maida Vale for the Radio 1 Rock Show I thought all was well, and soon everyone would see what I saw in the band. Sadly, during the demo phases for album 2 circumstances got in the way and the band become no more.

Now however, they’ve incredibly kindly put the aforementioned Maida Vale session, which I have been vainly searching for nearly two years now, and the demos for the never completed second album up for download for FREE via their Bandcamp page. If you’re a fan of progressive metal, by that I mean progressive ideas and experimentation not technical playing and long songs, because that is NOT the same thing as progressive, then check this out.

Click here to go to the Profane Bandcamp to pick up the sessions.

There’s very rarely activity but click here to ‘like’ Profane on Facebook.

Man, I miss Profane.


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