Monuments announce vocalist and sign to Century Media

Monuments 2012

It’s been a long time coming but British progressive metal band Monuments have finally announced their new vocalist, following the departure of their previous vocal duo team some time ago. Vocal duties for the band will now be handled by Matt Rose, apparently of the heavily electronic influenced band The Qemists. Who truth be told, I’ve heard the name of but never heard. Time for some research it would seem.

The band also announced they’ve signed with metal giant Century Media. No word as of yet on a release date for the now finished debut album, vocal sessions under the watchful eye of Dan Weller ( former Sikth guitarist and producer extraordinaire) were completed recently. But presumably such a date can’t be far away. Certainly those who have been following Monuments ever since the release of the ‘We Are The Foundation’ demo in 2010 will be positively champing at the bit to hear more from the band. I’m not sure what this means with regards to Basick Records and Monuments, as I seemed to think they were signed to Basick but that is apparently not the case. Or maybe it is but only so far as the UK goes? Who knows? Clearly not me.

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