Life On Standby release debut EP

Life On Standby 'Set The Sail' artwork by Danilo Ottaviano

We’ve been banging on about Glasgow based alternative rockers Life On Standby for some time now, they were the subject of our Post-Blog as F**K! session as well as on our first charity sampler ‘A Collection of Souls’, and now we’re pleased to be one of the first to cover their first official recorded release ‘Set The Sail’.

The band recorded the EP at the up and coming 45 A Side Recordings with producer Paul McInally and the record was also co-produced by me. Which makes it pretty sweet.

The EP is available now from the band’s Bandcamp page and costs only £1, or as much as you’re willing to give. We’ve included a handy embed of the player below to save you all that pesky searching and clicking for yourself.

The band is due back into the studio soon so you’ll be hearing more from before long.


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